Via American Action News:

Democrats are making plans to scrap July’s planned 2020 Democrat National Convention in Milwaukee, setting off what could be a chaotic scramble that could end with presumptive nominee Joe Biden kicked off the ticket.

The Democrat National Committee denied they would change plans for a July convention, which was met with skepticism as it came on the same day the International Olympic Committee announced July’s 2020 Olympics in Japan would be postponed until 2021.

With many states postponing primaries until later in the year, it would be impossible to carry out the convention as planned.

That sets up potential chaos. Final convention planning is usually conducted between the DNC and the campaign of the candidate coming into the convention with a majority of pledged delegates.

But while Biden leads Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in delegates, neither candidate has a majority.

There also will not be a coronavirus vaccine by July, and likely no drug or treatment that would prevent transmission, meaning no realistic way to put 17,000 people into an arena, as planned.

That means the Democrat National Convention could move ahead as an online meeting or conference call, which would be nearly impossible to properly conduct for all 3,979 planned delegates.

“Given what the experts are saying, delegates may end up on a phone call,” Bob Mulholland, a DNC member from California, said in a text message to POLITICO. “Push 1 for Sanders, push 2 for Biden, push 3 for Bloomberg and push 8 for Yang, etc.”
That sets up a potentially bloody fight on how to assign delegates for states that have not yet hold nominating contests. 

Moving ahead with the current delegate count locks out Sanders, who wasn’t given a chance to catch up and move ahead of Biden.

Sander supporters could sue to stop the Convention, citing the fact many states would be entirely left out.

There’s also the possibility the Convention could be scrapped entirely and the nominee picked by the Democrat National Committee.

While that would certainly be the end of Sanders’ hopes, as he is a harsh DNC critic, it would also spell trouble for Biden.
With Biden watching his lead slip away as the coronavirus crisis has pushed him to the media’s back burner, DNC members could structure a convention so another candidate, like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, could be nominated instead.

While the Republican National Convention would likely also be scrapped, Trump has no major opposition and has already won a majority of all planned GOP convention delegates.

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