A shocking allegation from an insider claims that the IRS is tipping off members of Congress to corporate takeovers so elected officials can enrich themselves, thanks to insider knowledge. 

John Crudele, at the New York Post, reports:

 My snitch also charged that higher-level employees of the IRS also used that information to enrich themselves.

This may sound crazy but remember: Up until a few years ago members of Congress were allowed to trade stock based on information they got while performing their public duties.

But the difference between what had been going on legally until 2012 and what my whistleblower is contending is enormous.

Everyone assumed that members of Congress were just profiting from things they happened to learn while working on their committees — that a drug was going to get turned down by the FDA, for instance, or that a company was sniffing around to see how regulators would feel about a merger.

 Crudele brought these new allegations to the proper authorities who essentially told to him to get lost.

The insider worked for the IRS at the height of this alleged misconduct.

Unfortunately, all Crudele can do is report the story without subpoena power and zero help from the authorities.

Read more at American Action News

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