A tech insider has blown the whistle on the underhanded censorship tactics practiced by Tech Giant Instagram in internal documents and screenshots they provided to Project Veritas

Pinterest is a publicly-traded social media company headquartered in San Francisco that has nearly 300 million active monthly users. In the past, Project Veritas released undercover footage of Twitter employees discussing “shadow-banning,” and also published leaked documents from Facebook which revealed plans to target and demote conservative commentary.

“I was pretty surprised,” said the Pinterest insider in an interview, when s/he discovered that pro-life group LiveAction.org was added to a “porn domain block list.” The insider explained that the “block list” was intended to be  a collection of pornographic websites that Pinterest uses in order ensure that pornography cannot be posted. LiveAction.org is not a pornographic website, instead it is the web domain of a prominent pro-life advocacy group.

The insider explained that websites on a “domain block list” cannot be linked in posts made by users. While investigating, Project Veritas tried to post the LiveAction.org link on Pinterest and failed to do so, receiving an error message that read, “Sorry! Your request could not be completed.” Project Veritas reviewed the list of websites from the “porn domain block list” and was able to confirm that along with LiveAction.org, websites like zerohedge.com, pjmedia.com, teaparty.org and other various conservative websites were also listed. The majority of the document lists pornographic websites.

Lila Rose, the founder and president of LiveAction claims that her organization has been censored in the past, and believes that pro-life organizations are unfairly targeted by social media companies…

The insider also claims that the term Christian was being blocked from the autocomplete function and that these and other decision were being made “in a war-room where policymakers were making decisions about content.” 

A shocking revelation, but one that isn’t necessarily surprising coming from “Woke” Tech Giants who have apparently made it their personal mission to silence conservatives.

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