Leaning Republican

AZ-6:  Juan Ciscomani (R) leads Kirsten Engel (D) by 5,394 votes with 82% counted

CA-22: Rep. David Valadao (R) leads Assm. Rudy Salas (D) by 3,855 votes with 32% counted

CA-27: Rep. Mike Garcia (R) leads Christy Smith (D) by 16,151 votes with 49% counted

CA-41: Rep. Ken Calvert (R) has taken a 1,285 vote lead over Democrat Will Rollins with 43% of the vote counted

CO-3: Rep. Lauren Boebert (R) has come from behind to now lead Democrat Adam Frisch by 1,122 votes with 99% counted.  The majority of remaining votes appear to come from counties favoring Ms. Boebert

NY-22: Republican Brandon Williams maintains a 3,925 vote lead over Democrat Francis Conole with 94% of the vote counted

OR-5: Republican Lori Chavez-DeRemer holds a 6,792 vote advantage with 86% of the vote counted

The following undeclared races are difficult to determine a clear advantage (hit next button):

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Gracie from AZ
Gracie from AZ
27 days ago

It seems in AZ that Katie Hobbs, the current Secretary of State in charge of elections has screwed up the current and last election by not having clean and clear elections. There are lots of additional factors involved in the 2020 presidential election that were not mentioned on 2000 mules, but any one of them could have swayed the election in favor of democrats. The problem is, we do not have good candidates to demand another election in addition to too many left leaning democrat Judges. I hope Hobbs does not screw up Arizona the way she has fouled elections there.

Ginger Firestone
Ginger Firestone
27 days ago

Time to go back to paper ballots. The machines are just too unreliable and easily tampered with. No matter who won with those malfunctioning machines, those areas need to have a do-over for those voting in person at the machines, Before 2020 we never had even a whisper of fraud because of machines or ballot stuffing. Too many people don’t believe the elections are on the up and up. Time to bring in voter ID. If voting by mail a copy of proof of eligibility to vote and a dated current picture needs to be included and already if voting by internet, one has to show proof (as in a passport) with the person on a live chat for verification for the first time vote and then they are in the system as approved, but they still check for signatures and dates, Even in 3rd world countries like Costa Rica, they have a national ID card and it gives the person their status as temporary resident, permanent resident, and voting rights if they are eligible If they can do it, no excuses why we can’t. Those IDs have to be renewed every few years. There will be people who just can’t afford the price of a passport (the cost seems way too high in my opinion) and for those who can’t afford it, we should pay for them. Their last tax return should verify whether or not they need the subsidy. If our government can come up with money for illegals they sure as hell should be able to help out our own citizens. In fact, if our government would stop spending any money on illegals other than to deport them, our budget would be cut sharply and our taxes lowered.

Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
26 days ago

Midterm issues:

o Indoc Blue voters who vote Blue
o TV ads blocked in some states
o Big Tech censorship
o NOT United GOP
o Trump comments on Desantis
o Dems election month

Rerun for 2024??

26 days ago

Can De Muck Rats!!! Send ’em to the silage bin of history!