Via Trump Train News by Ryan Highland: 

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The new presidential administration is on fire. Even Democrats have offered criticism, albeit muted, of how prolific Biden has been with his executive orders. Several threads on Twitter have made the claim that Biden has done more in his first 8 hours than Trump did in 4 years. That may not be true, but it’s certainly easy to believe on first glance. 

One of Bill Clinton’s favorite sayings – always noticed by the Christian Right of the 1990s – was “working like a demon”. Fans of Rush Limbaugh might remember him pointing out Clinton’s use of the saying back in the late ’90s when he was being accused of gross immorality. It was as appropriate then as it is now – Democrats always seem to work like demons, like their time is running out and they need to accomplish as much of their insane platform as possible as quickly as possible.

Republican opposition has been slow to act – in fact, despite being uninvolved in President Trump’s campaign to challenge Biden’s claim to victory, they seem to be utterly unprepared for a Biden administration. 

Another bank just closed all of Donald Trump’s accounts, and impeachment is moving forward on Monday even though Trump is gone and the Democrats are in total control. The March for Life, though, the largest annual gathering of grassroots conservatism in America, has been canceled and moved to virtual over the Chinese Common Cold (though certainly, the dystopian military occupation of DC has played a part too). The Left is already beginning to admit the same CCP Virus was a bit overblown – even as Biden mandates masks for all federal buildings and grounds. NPR went from screeching about death tolls on the 19th to say “the worst is over” on the 21st. The WHO has admitted early information that caused the global freak-out was all just Chinese lies.

The Left is all peacock feathers, gloating about the insanity they are about to shove down the entire nation’s throat. If the GOP wants to see another election, they’d better do something more than just practice suppressing their gag reflex.

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