With the huge number of illegal immigrants moveing slowly but surely to the US border, many are wondering what will happen if and when they arrive. 

Can they be barred from entry? Can they be sent home? 

President Trump has sent 15,000 troops to the border to help process the migrants. The administration means to determine in an orderly-but-fair manner whether any of the migrants are legitimate asylum-seekers. And then most of the rest can be flown back.

Daily Caller reports:

Administration officials speaking on the condition of anonymity conceded to TheDC they have few good options once the caravan arrives. The options floating around internally revolve around the use of executive action with an attempt to bar asylum claims and fortifying legal ports of entry for orderly administrative processing (one that would presumably end for most in flights back, should Trump get his way).

Trump hinted at his intent in a Monday night interview on Fox News saying:

If they [apply] for asylum, we’re going to hold them until such time as their trial takes place … We’re going to put tents up all over the place; we’re not going to build structures and spend all of this, you know, hundreds of millions of dollars — we’re going to have tents; they’re going to be very nice and they’re going to wait and if they don’t get asylum, they get out.

One of the major considerations includes a presidential proclamation specifically barring the caravan from entering the country, officials said.

The administration signaled its intent to deploy 5,200 additional troops to assist with border enforcement. These troops will bring dozens of miles of additional temporary fencing, provide helicopter surveillance assistance and other logistical support to Border Patrol.

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