The City Council of West Hollywood voted unanimously to remove Donald Trump’s star from the walk of fame Monday night while claiming the move wasn’t politically motivated. Political or not, the vote was symbolic–the council doesn’t have jurisdiction over the walk.

CNN reports:

On the same day the City of West Hollywood voted to ask for President Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame star to be removed, the person who’d most recently vandalized it was charged.

The resolution to request the removal of Trump’s star was unanimously adopted by the West Hollywood City Council but is not legally binding as the city has no jurisdiction over the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Mayor John Duran said the vote was symbolic.

“The West Hollywood City Council did not pass the resolution because Donald Trump is a conservative or a Republican. Earning a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is an honor. When one belittles and attacks minorities, immigrants, Muslims, people with disabilities or women — the honor no longer exists,” he told CNN.

This action is unprecedented. The city has never voted to remove a star before Trump–not even criminals and perverts. Current honorees include:

  • Bill Cosby–convicted of aggravated assault for drugging and raping a woman.
  • Brett Ratner–credibly accused of rape and sexual misconduct
  • Charlie Sheen–charged with assault for beating his wife.
  • Kevin Spacey–disgraced actor and sexual predator who made advances on underage boys.

Do you think the Council was politically motivated? Let us know in the comments.

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