Although Robert Mueller’s investigation turned out to be a giant nothing burger, the mainstream media – including CNN host Chris Cuomo – have moved the goalposts on what constituted collusion between President Donald Trump and the Kremlin. (Conservative Tribune)

Jay Sekulow, one of Trump’s lawyers, appeared Monday on Cuomo’s crosstalk-fest, where he addressed whether the written answers ought to be released.

Both Cuomo and Sekulow, it’s worth noting, are attorneys. After examining the exchange, you’ll probably have a good idea which one you’d prefer as legal representation.

Cuomo began the dialogue on the issue by asking why he shouldn’t be able to look at the president’s answers to the special counsel.

“Well, number one, you don’t have a right to see the president’s answers,” Sekulow responded.

Later, Cuomo pressed Sekulow over whether the president was justified to consider himself exonerated when describing the summary of the Mueller report.

Sekulow aptly noted that the prosecutor isn’t supposed to exonerate him, but investigate alleged charges – in this case, Mueller came up empty-handed.

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