In the wake of Elizabeth Warren’s official campaign announcement for 2020, one CNN expert analyst is already raining on the parade. 

According to Harry Enten, Warren is “below average” in electability based on her past election performances. 

The Hill has more

Enten analyzed the “electability” of six possible presidential candidates by weighing their performance in their 2018 Senate races compared to how Democratic House candidates fared in those same states. 

“Sens. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Sherrod Brown of Ohio are above-average candidates on the question of electability, while Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts — who announced Monday that she’s formed a committee to explore a 2020 presidential run — is below average,” Enten wrote.Klobuchar, who is reportedly eyeing a bid, won her race by 24 points in 2018, while Democratic House candidates in Minnesota won by an average of 11 points.

Warren won in Massachusetts by 24 points in 2018 as House Democrats swept all of the state’s congressional races. Massachusetts Democrats could have won the statewide House vote by 36 points if they all had Republican opponents, Enten noted, meaning Warren underperformed by 12 points.  

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