Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

Via TTN:

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton admitted during a Tuesday CNN interview with Jake Tapper that he had helped to plan coups d’etat in the past.

According to The Daily Wire:

“I think it’s also important to understand, while nothing Donald Trump did after the election in connection with the lie about the election fraud, none of it is defensible. None of it is defensible,” Bolton began. “It’s also a mistake, as some people have said, including on the committee, that somehow this was a carefully planned coup d’etat aimed at the Constitution. That’s not the way Donald Trump does things.”

“He’s — to use a ‘Star Wars’ metaphor — a disturbance in the force,” Bolton continued, arguing that Trump had simply been looking out for his own interests and the riot had just happened. “It’s not an attack on our democracy. It’s Donald Trump looking out for Donald Trump. It’s a once in a lifetime occurrence.”

Tapper admitted that he wasn’t fully convinced saying someone doesn’t need to be “brilliant” to plan a coup.

“I disagree with that. As somebody who has helped plan coups d’etat, not here, but other places, it takes a lot of work,” Bolton replied. “And that’s not what he did. It was just stumbling around from one idea to another.”

Bolton noted that while Trump should have discouraged protestors from moving towards the Capitol in the first place, ultimately he doesn’t believe the riot was part of an elaborate and well-thought-out plot to undermine the Constitution.

“And if you don’t believe that, you’re going to overreact,” Bolton concluded. “And I think that’s a real risk for the committee, which has done a lot of good work … It is invariably the case that when you go too far, trying to prove your case, you undermine it. And I think you got to give credit to the intelligence of the American people to listen to the witnesses and let them come to the conclusion.”

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