Via Trump Train News:

Left-leaning Washington Post made a surprising admission when it confirmed Biden single-handedly killed about 11,000 construction jobs his first day in the White House when he cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline project. The publication issued a “fact-check’ on Senator Cruz’s tweet which blasted Biden’s choice to cancel the contract. Washinton Post gave Cruz’s tweet two “Pinocchios” because he did not include the fact that the construction jobs are temporary. Cruz fired back with the fact that ALL construction jobs are technically temporary.

The Daily Wire reports:

“Cruz cited a real estimate of approximately 11,000 jobs, but he left out that they were all temporary,” the Post concluded. “In the same report, the State Department said the Keystone XL pipeline, if built, would require only 35 to 50 permanent positions.”

“The missing context is key here, obscuring half the story. Cruz earns Two Pinocchios.”

As reported by The Daily Wire on Thursday, Canadian lawmakers, including the country’s prime minister, expressed outrage over Biden’s move to rescind a permit for a pipeline to transport oil from Canada to the Gulf Coast.

“Biden took office on Wednesday and, as one of his first acts, rescinded approval for the Keystone XL pipeline that former President Donald Trump had green-lighted in 2017,” Tim Pearce reported. “The pipeline has long been a target of environmental activists and Democratic politicians looking to stop the use of fossil fuels.”

Ted Cruz wrote on Twitter, “WaPo confirms that YES, on his first day in office, Joe Biden destroyed 11,000 jobs (including 8000 union jobs). But, it says, they’re construction jobs so are only temporary. ALL construction jobs are temporary. President still shouldn’t destroy them.”

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