Voters in Maricopa County, the most populous county in Arizona, are running into issues as they attempt to have their ballots read by voting machines. At one location, a poll worker told voters that the tabulators were not working and that they could leave their ballot in a box which would then be counted later “downtown.” “So what happens is we have two tabulators. One of the tabulators is not working, okay? The other tabulator is taking about 75 successful, so 25 percent of them are being misread. And it could be a printer issue, or it could be the tabulator itself,” he said.


Many of the voters in the line said that they didn’t trust leaving their ballot in the box that would be sent to another place to be counted.

Later, reports came out saying that the ballots could not be read because of blotchy ink from the printers.  Turning Point’s Tyler Bowyer told voters, “If you go in and you check in and your ballot isn’t scanning you need to ask them for another print. I just experienced it myself. I personally just went and requested a ballot.”

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1 year ago

Hard to steal is sooo annoying for a thief.
I’d be mad if I was a thieving lying democrat.
Quite frustrated.

Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
1 year ago

Rerun 2020??