Scott Wallace, a limousine liberal running for Congress in a closely-watched Pennsylvania race has suffered mightly following many stunning revelations.

Recently, investigative journalists revealed the millionaire’s nonprofit charity donated a small fortune to groups advocating for “population control.”

Now, things have gotten even worse. (Fox News)

Scott Wallace, a liberal millionaire candidate running for Congress in Pennsylvania, was a member of a controversial private club in South Africa that used to discriminate against Jewish and black people and invited controversial speakers, including former head of the Apartheid chemical and biological warfare program.

Wallace, grandson of a former vice president who’s running as a Democrat in Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District against Republican incumbent Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, has been living in South Africa since the mid-2000s and has called it his “second country.”

During his time in the country, sometime around 2014, Wallace became a member of the Kelvin Grove club in Cape Town, an exclusive members-only club whose motto is “Respecting The Past, Embracing The Future.”

The past that the club says it respects is notorious. Due to its strict membership policies, including asking two existing members to vouch for you, the club effectively barred Jewish and black people from becoming members for decades.

Wallace’s membership in the hate group renews intense scrutiny on the beleaguered candidate – especially considering the fund he manages has donated hundreds of thousands to anti-Israel groups.

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