A botched robbery at an Indianapolis furniture story ended quickly for one would-be thief, who found out the hard way that the owner, Doyle Stinson, had his own firearm. (Fox News)

 According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, the suspect walked into the store and spoke to owner Doyle Stinson on the morning of July 5. Police said the suspect pulled out a gun and demanded money. 

Stinson said he gave the suspect $10 from his wallet, but the man told him: “I know you’ve got more money than that because this is a business.” The suspect then marched Stinson to the owner’s office and the back of the store. 

“Once he gets me back to the back room, that was a mistake,” Stinson told Fox 59. “I go back here, I hit my silent alarm emergency button.”

Stinson told the station that he knew the would-be robber’s gun wasn’t loaded. When the pair got to his office, the store owner grabbed his own .40-caliber weapon. 

The suspect promptly fled the scene. Stinson decided against shooting because he saw a boy standing nearby and didn’t want the child getting hit by a stray bullet.

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