Is this the tweet that launched a thousand campaign ads, and burnt the topless towers of Democratic midterm ambitions? If the Republican Party and/or the National Republican Congressional Committee doesn’t cut a version of Nancy Pelosi’s remarks at today’s Politico Playbook interview for every contested House race, they should get sued for incompetence. Jake Sherman asks Pelosi about GOP claims that a Democratic House majority would pass a single-payer health care system and raise taxes. “The second part is accurate,” Pelosi replied:

Pelosi then goes on and on about how the tax bill was passed “in the dark of night and the speed of light,” which is amusing when it comes from the woman who coined the phrase, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” Her explanation of how the tax cut bill defies the tradition of comity and consensus similarly elides Pelosi’s role in imposing the egregious ObamaCare bill through brute partisan force. And even putting aside the historical hilarity, Pelosi also manages to ignore the weeks and months of “Kill the bill, don’t kill us!” hysteria from Democrats that preceded the eventual passage of the tax bill.

The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake points out that Pelosi continues to be her own worst enemy:

 While PolitiFact ruled a month ago that claims Pelosi had pledged to raise taxes were only “half true,” Pelosi seemed to just confirm that’s her plan. Most any politician knows that when you are asked whether you want to “raise taxes,” the next words out of your mouth probably shouldn’t be “Yes.” You talk around it. You massage it. Republicans passed this bill partially in hopes that Democrats would be baited into running against tax cuts and for raising taxes, and Pelosi seems to be obliging them.

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