Liberals predictably lose their minds over the idea of allowing law-abiding adults to carry firearms on college campuses. 

Proponents of such policies point to compelling anecdotes and hard data to argue that it would make schools safer. After all, what would’ve happened at Virginia Tech if an armed student had met the gunman before first responders arrived?

Tom Knighton, at Bearing Arms, explains:

 But for most of us, it’s pretty academic. We’re not really on college campuses, so it’s just a discussion topic.

Police on college campuses, however, are there. They’re on campuses each and every day, so they see the reality.

On at least one campus, the police believe campus carry is a good thing and has made their school safer.

Campus carry has been law in Texas for two years now, and Texas Tech police say the law makes the university a safer place.

Yet again, gun-grabbers’ fears are proven unfounded.

Read more at American Action News

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