Via American Action News:

CNN analyst Brian Karem’s liberal bias was on full display yesterday at the White House. (Breitbart)

Karem, who is also Playboy’s White House correspondent, earned a second job as an analyst for CNN after he melted down during a 2017 White House briefing.

In light of his erratic and threatening behavior yesterday, it is a notable piece of irony that CNN hired Karem after he accused White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders of “inflaming everybody” over her criticism of the media.

And yet, just two years later, Karem has been caught on video assuming the role of an inflammatory bully while he is supposed to be a professional observer of events among the White House press corps.

In this first video, Karem appears to be razzing and getting razzed by one of Trump’s guests (who is off-camera), but he then seeks to escalate the situation and spread the overall tension by heckling the entire group.

Karem implied he wanted to fight Sebastian Gorka, by daring him to step outside – even though they were already technically outside, in the White House Rose Garden.

​After Gorka called out Karem by sarcastically calling him a journalist, Karem attempted to weasel his way out of his predicament by telling an inquiring Secret Service agent that he just wanted to talk to Gorka. 

Yeah, right.


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