While you were sleeping last weekend, the United States made the world a safer place once again. In a series of air strikes against the Al-Qaeda-affiliated group Al-Shabaab, U.S. military killed 62 terrorists–and no civilians were injured.

New York Post reports:

Four strikes near Gandarshe, in Somalia’s south-central Banaadir province, were carried out Saturday, killing 34 extremist rebels, and two more Sunday killed 28, according to the US Africa Command.

“Africa Command and our Somali partners conducted these air strikes to prevent terrorists from using remote areas as a safe haven to plot, direct, inspire and recruit for future attacks,” Africom said in a statement.

No civilians were killed or injured during the airstrikes, among the deadliest this year, the statement added.

Al-Shabaab uses parts of southern and central Somalia to plan and direct attacks, steal humanitarian aid, extort civilians to fund its operations and shelter radicals, the statement said.

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