Twitter is at it again! The social media platform is surely expecting praise for its recent move in suspending the account of Iran Supreme Leader Khamenei after it called to attack Trump.

At the surface, this sounds like a great move by the Big Tech company by finally holding someone who is purposefully dispelling threats and world of violence against someone who is now a civilian. It seems that the company is starting to listen to its user who expressed concerns that President Trump was removed from the platform while others were allowed to stay who exhibited far more dangerous behavior.

Not so fast though. Twitter only suspended ONE account belonging to the Iran Supreme Leader. Khamenei still has another active account on the site, effectively making Twitter’s move moot.
Recent reports have emerged that Iran is planning to exact revenge on Trump now that he has officially left office. Photos emerged of supposed Iranian drones taking photos of the former president enjoying a nice round of golf now that he can enjoy life outside the White House.

DC Examiner reporter Jerry Dunleavy shared side by side images of Khamenei’s separate accounts, one has been suspended while the other has not.

Lone Conservative fonder Kassy Dillion also noted how Khamenei still has an active Twitter account:

Twitter’s rules claim that you can’t access the platform once banned, even from other accounts.
Well, Ayatollah Khamenei was just suspended on one of his accounts for tweeting a threat to Trump (first picture).
However, as of now, his other accounts remain.
— Kassy Dillon (@KassyDillon) January 22, 2021


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