Via American Action News:

Fox host Tucker Carlson has sounded the alarm over what he sees as an impending wave of coronavirus-fueled censorship that could overwhelm conservatives.

As Mediaite reports:

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson took a moment Tuesday night to decry “censorship” on social media over coronavirus.

In the past few days, Twitter has taken down tweets from public figures like Rudy Giuliani about hydroxychloroquine, for violating Twitter rules on coronavirus misinformation.

Twitter (and Facebook) also removed posts from Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro for similar reasons after he questioned the need for a quarantine.

Carlson said Bolsonaro “could be completely wrong about that, might also be completely right, we don’t know,” before saying, “Big tech does not believe you should be allowed to think about this.”

The “progressive” war on free speech is a sad reality of American politics. Many would argue we are already witnessing it in the coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic by the mainstream media’s attempts to shame those who use phrases like Wuhan Coronavirus.

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