Via American Action News:

Fox News Host Tucker Carlson scorched his anti-Trump MSNBC rival Joe Scarborough for his hypocrisy over family separation at the border.

In a burtal segement, Carlson noted that while Scarborough claimed to be against family separation, he didn’t seem to ahve a problem separating his own family via divorce.

As The Washington Examiner reports:

Carlson lamented on his Tuesday evening show how Democrats continue to cite the Founding Fathers throughout their impeachment arguments, despite clashing with some of the founder’s ideas when it comes to issues such as the Second Amendment and the Electoral College.

“The Left has nothing but contempt for the men who founded this country. And that’s why they are forever denouncing them as racists,” Carlson said. “Why are Democrats suddenly telling you the opposite of that? Because that’s what the Left does. They don’t simply lie. They invert the truth.”


 Carlson pointed to Scarborough as an example and ran highlights of his coverage of family separation at the border under President Trump. He aired several clips and then pivoted to jab Scarborough for his role in separating from his first two wives. Carlson mocked Scarborough by referring to his co-host and wife Mika Brzezinski as his “third wife.”

“If there’s one thing, politics aside, that Joe considers just totally immoral and wrong, it’s separating families. Call him old-fashioned, but Joe doesn’t just believe in that. It’s not how he was raised,” said Carlson. “Breaking up that sacred unit: two parents, husband and wife. Raising their kids together. Anyone who would do that, and, again, Joe, again, doesn’t want to be judgmental, here. That’s how impassioned he feels about it. Anyone who would break up and separate a family says Joe Scarborough is beneath contempt. The lowest of the low. Disgusting.”

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