Photo edit of Donald Trump vs Joe Biden in the 2024 Presidential race. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

Poll Results: Unexpected Front-Runner Emerges in Trump vs. Biden 2024 Faceoff.

Trump Leads Biden Post-Mugshot

Economist/YouGov conducted a national survey from August 26-29, 2021, among 1,500 U.S. adult citizens, after the public release of Donald Trump’s mugshot. When asked who they would support in a presidential election between Trump and Biden, 44% of respondents supported Trump, 43% supported Biden, 7% said “other,” 3% were unsure, and 3% said they would not vote.

This shows a four-point increase for Trump and a one-point decrease for Biden since the mugshot’s release.

Public Perception of Election Outcome

The same survey also asked participants who they thought would win if Biden and Trump were the candidates. 39% believed Biden would win, 38% believed Trump would win, and 23% were unsure. This result aligns with the narrative of many Trump allies who believe that the mugshot incident will negatively impact the Democrats. The margin of error for the survey was ±3.2%.

Trump Campaign Fundraising Post-Mugshot

Following the release of the mugshot, the Trump campaign experienced a surge in fundraising, raising $9.4 million. Steven Cheung, a Trump adviser, noted that there was a significant spike in “mugshot merch” sales: $1.7 million from t-shirts, $864,000 from coffee mugs, and $352,000 from posters.

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