President Trump decried Hollywood’s stunning bias against the military in his CPAC speech, Saturday.

Variety reports:

As he was talking about meeting generals on his recent visit to Iraq who looked and sounded like they were out of “central casting,” Trump described a story of a drill sergeant who was brought in to advise on a movie. The sergeant was so good that he ended up getting cast.

Trump said that the military veteran should have won an Academy Award, but did not. “That’s because Hollywood discriminates against our people,” he said to the crowd at the annual conference, taking place at National Harbor, Md.

Trump didn’t name the actor or the movie, but he may have been referring to R. Lee Ermey, who was a former Marine Corps staff sergeant and gunnery sergeant and served as a drill instructor. He was hired by Stanley Kubrick to advise on his movie “Full Metal Jacket,” but he ended up being cast in the movie as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman. He earned a Golden Globe nomination. Ermey, who died last year, also had roles in “Apocalypse Now,” “Seven” and the remake of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

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