Via Trump Train News:

President Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court has been leaked to CNN.

According to CNN, Trump will choose Amy Coney Barrett to be his Supreme Court Justice nominee.

In their report, CNN cited “multiple senior Republican sources with knowledge of the process”.

These “senior Republican allies on the Hill” indicated Barret will be the nominee.

This lines up with our earlier reporting in which we speculated Coney Barret is the most likely nominee based on betting odds and data:

The current betting odds give us an insight into the likelihood of who the nominee will be.

According to PredictIt, federal appellate court Judge Amy Coney Barrett leads the pack.

Coney, an Indiana native with seven children, has been on Trump’s Supreme Court shortlist for some time but was ultimately passed over last time for now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Coney Barret, 48, is a graduate of Notre Dame University Law School who clerked for the late Justice Antonin Scalia.

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