Via Trump Train News:

Democrat cities across the country are boarding up businesses ahead of election day as the prospect of violence continues to grow.

Trump’s Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, took a moment to educate the liberals on why these measures have to be taken in cities controlled by the Democrats.

According to Fox News:

Businesses and retailers in major cities are increasing Election Day security by boarding up storefront windows and taking other measures in Portland, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit and Washington, D.C., following a summer of widespread riots and mayhem.

“Notice what those cities have in common. They’re all Democrat cities,” the Trump 2020 campaign senior adviser told “Fox & Friends” Monday, adding it is “all the proof you need that the left should not be given federal power.”

“They’re saying if you don’t choose the left’s chosen candidate, we will send the left out to attack you. That’s as close to extortion as you can get and Joe Biden has the power to say, ‘Stand down,’ to the mob. Will he do it?” McEnany asked.

“We deserve the great American tradition of democracy, of peaceful elections, of accepting the vote of the American people, but the boarded-up windows, the closed down stores tell you all you need to know about the modern American left. The violence is unacceptable and they are not deserving of federal power,” she added.

McEnany said that the Democrats are fearmongering about Trump trying to declare a premature victory and that President Trump will win because of a massive miscalculation by the Biden campaign.

The Biden campaign decided not to knock on doors to contact voters while the Trump campaign has made that a central pillar of the campaign. Tomorrow will determine who was right.

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