Via Trump Train News:

During a recent interview with “A Keene Perspective,” David Keene and Cliff May discussed President Trump’s foreign policy approach of making America’s allies pay their fair share for defense.

According to both Keene and May, this approach is one that is absolutely correct and in stark contrast to that of Obama and Biden’s.

For years NATO members were asked to contribute more and said they would eventually get around to it.

Trump demanded it, and was successful.

David Keene is a former Chairman of the Young Americans for Freedom and the American Conservative Union and has served as the elected President of the National Rifle Association. He worked as a campaign consultant, lobbyist, and commentator. His writing has appeared in Human Events, National Review, and many other conservative publications, and remains Editor at Large for The Washington Times after more than four years as the paper’s Opinion Editor.

Clifford D. May is the founder and president of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a nonpartisan policy institute focusing on national security created immediately following the 9/11/01 attacks on the United States.

Keene has a regular interview show on American Action News titled “A Keene Perspective.” Be sure to check it out.

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