Via Trump Train News:

Trump gave his own bombastic speech and hit Biden hard on his messaging and movement. It would be fair to say that campaign Trump is back for 2020. Trump made sure to hit hard on every policy point the Democrats have to offer and took time to go after wealthy left-wing financiers that cheer on rioting. More from The Daily Wire:

Speaking Thursday in Old Forge, Pennsylvania, close to the birthplace of his political opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, President Trump called Biden “a puppet of the radical left movement that seeks to destroy the American way of life.” Trump also bashed wealthy leftists who cheer for violent protests while remaining comfortable in their homes guarded by private security. “These same liberal hypocrites want to open up borders and let violent mobs rule the streets while they live in Waldorf compounds in communities,” he said.

“Joe Biden is a puppet of the radical left movement that seeks to destroy the American way of life,” Trump said early in the campaign speech.  “They don’t understand, and probably when it happened, they’d say, what did we ever do? Joe Biden has pledged to hike your taxes by $4 trillion in the largest tax hike in history. And they’re going to waste the money on the Green New Deal, the Green New Deal. You know what you get out of that? Nothing. Nothing except debt and death.”

“They want to eviscerate the Second Amendment,” the president continued. “They want to take away your guns. They want to take away your guns. Well, you remember that, just that one point alone, and they want to take away your guns. So who’s going to vote for that? I mean, we want our Second Amendment.”

2020 is ramping up and while the battle lines of the election have already been drawn, the fighting is just beginning. Trump is calling out those who enable the bad behavior on the left and is looking to draw attention to these fights as the election comes into full swing.

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