Via Trump Train News:

President Trump is shifting focus to regaining military dominance in Asia. This move would look to quell Chinese military expansion in the region that was allowed to happen by previous administrations.

According to The Daily Wire:

The Trump administration is undertaking major moves to revamp America’s military presence in Asia to reign in communist China’s military expansion, and foreign military analysts have said that the moves taken by the United States are so aggressive that “there is a serious risk for [China] that their military developments will be obsolete.”

A new report from Reuters highlighted how the Trump administration is deploying new weapons and military strategy for how the United States will deal with the growing Chinese threat. Reuters reported:

Reuters noted that the Trump administration will be arming the Marines with a wide range of new missiles that can accomplish a variety of mission objectives; the administration is ramping up the research and development on a variety of new ballistic missiles that were previously banned under the INF treaty, and the administration will be deploying new weapons to the region that will pose a serious threat to communist China.

Ross Babbage, a former senior Australian government defense official and now a non-resident fellow at the Washington-based Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, a security research group, told Reuters: “The Americans are coming back strongly. By 2024 or 2025 there is a serious risk for the [Chinese military] that their military developments will be obsolete.”

China has confirmed that these moves are powerful by releasing a statement openly opposing them.

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