Via American Action News:

President Trump made clear to reporters at Mar-a-Lago how he felt about the prosecution of former aides Roger Stone and Michael Flynn, amid growing speculation he may pardon them.

Per Fox News:

Stone’s sentencing for crimes including witness tampering, obstruction and providing false statements to Congress is currently set for Feb. 20, 2020. He faces up to 50 years in prison. When asked about getting involved, Trump was noncommittal.

“Am I going to pardon him? Well, I hadn’t thought of it,” Trump told reporters Tuesday morning in Florida after a Christmas Eve call with troops stationed around the world. “I think it’s very tough what they did to Roger Stone compared to what they do to other people on their side.”

Trump went on to distance his campaign from Stone, whose conviction stems from communications related to WikiLeaks and their release of Democratic emails that were hacked by Russia.

After reiterating that Stone wasn’t involved in his 2016 campaign beyond the preliminary stages, Trump commented on Flynn.

 “He’s a good person, and what they did to him was very unfair, in my opinion, and what they did to General Flynn is very unfair in my opinion,” Trump went on, referring to former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who is awaiting a Jan. 28, 2020 sentencing for lying to investigators. Flynn reached a deal with prosecutors, pleading guilty and cooperating with authorities in cases related to the Russia probe. But his sentencing has been repeatedly delayed, his defenders say he was mistreated by the FBI and his lawyer has been fighting back in court.

President Trump could also pardon his onetime campaign manager Paul Manafort, for financial crimes relating to consulting work in Ukraine.

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