Trump vs. Biden. No such thing as coincidences. Alexander J. Williams III/PopActa
Trump vs. Biden. No such thing as coincidences. Alexander J. Williams III/PopActa

In spite of recently facing federal charges, former President Trump continues to experience a surge in popularity among GOP voters. A recent NBC survey reveals that 51% of Republican voters would choose Trump as their primary candidate, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis trailing at 22%. These numbers indicate an increase in support since April when Trump was indicted in New York. In April, he had 46% favorability among Republican voters, while DeSantis had 31%.

The survey also highlights that nearly half (49%) of Republican primary voters believe Trump should retain his position as the leader of the GOP. Meanwhile, 21% acknowledge Trump’s effectiveness as a president but believe it is time to consider other leaders. Furthermore, 29% think that the Republican Party needs a new leader with better personal behavior and a different approach. This suggests that a small portion of the Republican base may be favoring DeSantis and other GOP candidates who are attempting to present themselves as better-behaved and more politically appealing versions of Trump. However, many Republican voters still appreciate Trump’s off-collar and sometimes brash approach, as it enhances his political outsider appeal. While there may be a potential opportunity for a rival candidate to secure the GOP nomination, Trump’s support remains strong among Republican primary voters.

The poll indicates that Trump’s influence within the GOP has strengthened despite his recent indictment. However, there is a division within the party concerning his leadership. The general public has reservations about Trump, and if there were a Biden versus Trump rematch, the focus would likely center more on Trump, according to the survey.

The survey reveals that a combined 77% of GOP primary voters have either minimal or no concerns about the federal charges against Trump. Moreover, 64% of Republican voters perceive the indictments and investigations he faces as politically motivated. This perception could potentially help Trump win over moderate Democrats as well as independent voters, and reinforce his support among his own base.

Although Trump leads in the GOP primary, he would face a hypothetical challenge if pitted against President Biden. In this scenario, Biden secures 49% of the vote, while Trump obtains 45% support. However, 68% of the respondents express apprehension regarding Biden’s mental and physical well-being. This concern could affect Biden’s candidacy in the election, especially considering the potential for three debates against Trump. Voters may be reminded that if Biden were to win, he would be 85 years old upon leaving office, highlighting concerns about his age.

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