Via Trump Train News:

Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien is not willing to admit defeat and he has some reasons why he thinks President Trump will win reelection.

According to Town Hall:

President Trump’s re-election campaign manager Bill Stepien is confident that 45 will be reelected. But that only happens, he explained on a Wednesday morning phone call with reporters, if there are no shenanigans. In his speech earlier this morning, Trump pledged to go to the Supreme Court if need be to stop states from counting suspicious ballots.

“The Democrats are pushing to count late ballots,” he said. “Why? They know and we know that if we count all legal ballots, we win.”





 In Pennsylvania and Arizona especially, Stepien says the math adds up.

“When we count the remaining ballots in a legal fashion, apply realistic and conservative estimates to those remaining ballots, the president can win, the president will win.”

The Biden campaign has disputed this and stated that they are confident in a Biden victory.

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