Via TTN:

45th President Donald Trump said the Rittenhouse trial was riddled with “prosecutorial misconduct,” and called the Waukesha attacker “crazy” during an episode of “Hannity” on Tuesday.

“He’s a really good young guy … just left Mar-a-Lago a little while ago, and he should never have been put through that. That was prosecutorial misconduct, and it’s happening all over the United States right now with the Democrats,” Trump told the Fox News host.

Rittenhouse was acquitted of shooting Gaige Grosskreutz, who testified at his trial, and killing Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26, during the August 2020 riots and looting in Kenosha that stemmed from the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

“[Kyle] should not have had to suffer through a trial for that. He was going to be dead if he didn’t pull that trigger that guy that put the gun to his head in one-quarter of a second he was going to pull the trigger. Kyle would have been dead,” he continued.

Trump also admonished the liberal media for their one-sided coverage of the trial. “They are the enemy of the people and we could have a country that would be able to heal and get together, except the media foments it. They’re so corrupt,” he remarked.

“The fake news [media], but it’s really the corrupt news. It’s corrupt what they do. I had to devote a lot of time to fake investigations,” Trump continued. “People have gotten wise to it … and it’s just a shame.”

He also spoke about the heinous Christmas parade massacre in Waukesha, Wisconsin, that killed six people, including children, and injured 62 others on Sunday, when 39-year-old Darrel Brooks intentionally drove his car through the crowd.

“He was out on bail and he was a rough cookie,” Trump commented. “This guy was crazy and a real professional criminal and a bad guy. And the good news is he hated Trump, OK? He hated Trump – based on early reporting – and he should.”

“He should not have been out. He should have never,” he went on. “Can you imagine? I looked at that car going in … I’ve never seen anything like it … . All because of a bad guy. And he was out on bail, very low bail. Just a terrible, terrible situation. I mean, just terrible.”

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Gary Von Neida
10 months ago

The indictment and trial did have the smell of a WITCH HUNT–an anti-white, anti American AGENDA is afoot.

10 months ago


10 months ago

globalist puppet, CRIMINAL judges will continue to preach globalist agendas .