Via Trump Train News:

President Trump has announced that there will be a press conference on Thursday that will announce a viable path to victory. The press conference would be conducted by his election attorneys at noon from the Republican National Committee in Washington D.C..

According to Town Hall:

Election officials in Georgia are continuing their recount and have found thousands of votes on memory sticks that were previously uncounted.

Last night in Wayne County, Michigan, two Republicans on the Board of Canvassers asked to rescind their votes to certify election results. That request was denied by Democrats. Previously they refused to certify results, but moved forward after Democrat officials agreed to an audit.

During an interview with Fox News Wednesday, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel called the treatment of Wayne County canvassers “frightening” after they reported being threatened for questioning voter irregularities. She also detailed how democrats are going back on their word after promising an audit of votes.

“It was the whole certification that they voted against. It’s the whole county. So they said, ‘no.’ They said, ‘there were too many discrepancies. We want to look into this.’ And this is what happened last night: The Democrats on the committee said, ‘you know what? We will do an audit. We promise you. If you certify it.” And within seconds, Jocelyn Benson got on TV and said, ‘that’s not binding. We are not going to do an audit. We are not going to look into it,’” she continued. “If you have nothing to hide, what’s the harm in doing an audit? We have just found 6,000 votes that were not counted in Georgia. That were not counted. They were missed because of an audit. With this type of discrepancy in Wayne County, it’s very reasonable to say, ‘we should look into this.’ Especially when it’s happened in three or four subsequent elections and the Secretary of State refuses to deal with this issue and it’s hurting the whole State of Michigan because people are losing faith in our election process. So fix it.”

McDaniels called what is being alleged, “It’s horrific. It’s bullying. It’s frightening.”


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