Via American Action News:

Authorities in the U.K. made a horrific discovery inside an eighteen-wheeler on the outskirts of London earlier today. 

They arrested the driver on suspicion of murder immediately after finding 39 bodies in the semi-trailer (New York Times)

The police initially said they believed the truck had entered Britain at the port of Holyhead in Wales on Saturday, but later clarified that only the Bulgarian-registered tractor — the front of the truck, with the driver’s cab and engine — had traveled that route.

The cargo trailer it was pulling had entered Britain at Purfleet, a shipping port near Grays, where it was collected by the driver early Wednesday, they said.

Police believe the container came from Zeebrugge in Belgium and arrived in Britain shortly after 12:30 a.m. Wednesday…

While the circumstances that led to the deaths remained unclear, the trailer appeared to be refrigerated.

The driver, Mo Robinson, is 25-years-old and hails from Northern Ireland.

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