Madison Cawthorn via Gage Skidmore Flickr

Via AAN:

Top Republicans are now backing a primary challenger to pro-Trump congressman Madison Cawthorn after the controversial Rep. announced that he had been approached to participate in orgies and drug use in Washington, D.C.

As Arca Max reports:

RALEIGH, N.C. — Three of North Carolina’s most powerful Republican elected officials are backing a primary-election challenger to U.S. Rep. Madison Cawthorn.

Cawthorn, a first-term representative from far-western North Carolina, has generated headlines and controversies since before joining Congress after a surprising GOP primary victory in 2020.

But the most recent string of controversies — a series of charges of speeding and driving violations, unflattering comments about the Ukrainian president after Russia’s invasion, and claims that people in Washington have invited him to orgies and he’s seen some do cocaine — represent a breaking point for some.

In particular, the remark about sex and drugs has led to outrage among fellow Republicans, who seemed content to let other controversies surrounding the 26-year-old go.

The GOP primary for Cawthorn’s current district is scheduled for May 17th.

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5 months ago

Apparently the current political criminals are illegal drug users and dealers. Our own government has taken the place of the drug lords and dealers of Central and South America.
What happened to our country? clinton, obama and biden; a triple shot of LOSERS!

Gary Von Neida
5 months ago
Reply to  JOE BIDEN

Since the McCarthy hearings in mid 1950 I have seen the Media become evermore tools of the International Communist Cabal

5 months ago
Reply to  Gary Von Neida

No matter how much Joe Biden appeases his Mastersin Beijing and Obama’s Mastersin Moscow, he will fail to be appointed the ‘FIRST ASSITANT VICE PRESIDENT OF PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF CHINAINCHARGE OF TERRITORIESKNOWN AS THE UNITED SOCIALIST AMERICA.”

Give it up Joe. It ain’t going to happen. COME ON MAN.

Gary Von Neida
5 months ago

RINOS are the bane of the Republican Party—and in large part simply traitors.

5 months ago

Who is Trump backing?

errol phillips
errol phillips
5 months ago

And who are these Republicans? Name names or don’t bother reporting it.