Trump Train News:

Top conservative nonprofit, Citizens United is rolling out its latest anti-Biden campaign, focused on keeping Americans up to date on Biden’s failures and to help “fight back” against his agenda. The campaign is also focused on preserving the accomplishments of President Trump. Citizens United is set to unveil this weekend at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, FL.

According to Citizens United President David Bossie, the latest effort will keep Americans informed, especially considering the already notable difference in media coverage between the Trump and Biden administrations.

Fox News reports:

Bossie told Fox News that Biden “did not receive a mandate to impose his radical agenda on America and we won’t let him undo the successful America first policies of Donald Trump without a fight.”
The website will feature videos and op-eds and will allow supporters to join petitions as well as stay up to date on Citizens United investigations and ongoing Freedom of Information Act litigation “in order to hold Biden accountable.”

The website features petitions for supporters to join, including one to “restore trust in our elections,” another to “fight the Biden amnesty,” and another to “appoint a special counsel” to take on the federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax affairs.

The website features Citizens United’s top “stop agenda issues,” including “constitutional issues, taxes, jobs, economy, climate, border security, China, Middle East, and Law & Order.”

Citizens United is best known for its role in helping loosen campaign finance restrictions.

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