The chief strategist of the Rhode Island Democratic Party, Kate Coyne-McCoy was widely criticized after publishing a tweet attacking South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham who revealed Tuesday he tested positive for COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated. The Democrat strategist posted a tweet hoping the Republican senator would die from the virus.

The Democrat deleted the tweet after receiving fierce backlash but it was saved by a Washington Free Beacon reporter.

“It’s wrong to hope he dies from Covid right? Asking for a friend. #CovidIsNotOver #Lindsey Graham,” Kate Coyne-McCoy tweeted.

Fox News reports:

Even at a time when the political divide in the country seems like it could not get any deeper, posts hinting at the death of a political opponent seem to cross an imaginary line of civility. But individuals who tweet out these posts have often weighed the risks and have determined that they play to their base.

In March, Rhode Island Public Radio called the hiring of Coyne-McCoy, a registered lobbyist, a “clear signal” that the state’s Democratic Party was intent on moving to the left. The report said that while she is not the party’s executive director, she “will be the person responsible for leading the party’s political efforts.”

When former President Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19 last year, many Democrats seemed to put politics aside and sent the president well wishes. But some of his notable detractors seemed to view the infection as a political vulnerability during the 2020 election and used it to describe him as reckless.

Graham has been an advocate for the vaccines and received his jabs in December. He said during a visit this spring to the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston that “the sooner we get everybody vaccinated, the quicker we can get back to normal.”

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Karen A Andrizzi
Karen A Andrizzi
1 year ago

well, there you go! many do not want to face possible bad consequences-including death-from the vaccine. we take precautions-vit d, zinc, c, exercise, keep our weight in check and…believe in hydroxy, remdemsvir and ivermection (we have a 80 yr old friend who recently was hospitalized with covid and had to go on a respirator…until they gave him one of these antidotes…he is now out of the hospital and doing well) the hysteria should stop (although I doubt it will as it serves a ‘purpose’) lastly, remember, if you are in a group that is more likely to get this virus, do all of the above and be very careful around others…and remember, the above medications have helped countless people recover from serious covid…if you are not in this group, be smart, do the above suggestions (btw-vit d and zinc and the listed medications have been advocated by many physicians-some of whom have saved countless lives with them-as well as Dr. Kenneth Cooper-the ‘father of aerobics’) and live your lives without hysteria.

Patricia Wagner
Patricia Wagner
1 year ago

This is all well and good for some. My husband did everything he thought was right. Still he came down with Covid. He was in the hospital 2 days and given remdemsvir. On the 3rd day he was intubated and in the ICU. Three weeks later he passed away not just from covid, but a strep infection and pneumonia. We asked for other treatments, such as plasma with antibodies, but were ignored. He was a good man and we miss him everyday. There is no hysteria on my part, just sad that these methods did not work for him.

1 month ago

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