Dan Backer, a conservative lawyer in northern Virginia, has started a political action committee dedicated to defeating Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in 2020. The “Stop AOC PAC’ has already spent thousands in the 2020 race.

NTD has more:

Dan Backer is no novice to political action committees (PAC): he is the founder of a law firm specializing in just that.

When you visit the PAC’s website, you are greeted by a “STOP,” stamped in red, leading to the three initials of New York’s 14th District representative.

Backer, like many others, has called Ocasio-Cortez’s policies “unrealistic” and harmful—such as her proposed and rejected Green New Deal. Potential candidates believe that the democratic socialist does not represent the district’s interest, but Backer believes the problem goes further than that.

“Because the warm, fuzzy socialism of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is fundamentally un-American and dangerous for our country,” responded the lawyer when asked why he started the PAC. “I think her ideas are the same evil that is destroying Venezuela as we speak.”

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