A California mother lashed out after a Lodi High School history teacher penalized students who dared to wear NRA t-shirts to class.

CBS Sacramento reports:

“She was basically being attacked in class,” said mother, Charlene Craig.

Two sophomores were wearing the NRA shirts when they say they were singled out in class by their teacher, who started schooling them on why guns are bad.

Craig says her 15-year-old daughter was lectured, while another student was sent to the principal’s office for refusing to take off the NRA shirt- a shirt that supports lifestyles they’ve grown up within families of hunters and farmers.

“That’s what she is, that’s what she does,” said Craig.

According to a press release from the Lodi Unified School District, “…the school administration reviewed the t-shirt in question and determined that it did not violate school dress code policy.”

Craig acknowledged that the debate over gun rights is often passionate but added that students shouldn’t receive arbitrary punishments for having political or personal beliefs different than their teachers.

The school district has since issued an apology and plans to refresh all faculty about dress code policies, so this kind of incident doesn’t happen again.

Read more at American Action News

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