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Via TTN:

On Thursday evening, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) announced her support for the giant Manchin-Schumer spending bill, erroneously dubbed the “Inflation Reduction Act.” The move came after she previously signaled changes would be necessary for her to sign on.

Fox News reports:

Fox News Digital spoke to a number of residents on the streets of Arizona to get their take on the bill, as well as whether Sinema should agree to it considering it would lead to tax hikes on middle class Americans.

“I believe she should, yes, if only because it’s going to help the economy,” said resident Willis Daychild. “I’m all for it because this inflation is pretty outrageous right now, and if they can do something to curb that somehow, then I’m all for it.”

Resident Gary Kuznia disagreed, saying, “No way,” and suggesting he had such strong feelings about the bill that he was intentionally keeping his language clean for the camera.

He predicted the bill would not do anything to help fix the massive level of inflation currently facing Americans, and that it would lead to increased taxes on Americans despite promises that it would not.

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