The Hollywood Conservative/Amanda Head

Amanda takes a Hollywood Minute to provide this PSA! If you don’t feel like you have a political voice because of what you do for work you aren’t alone. It is pretty common, to keep quiet in order to keep your job and be able to keep living the life you are. However, it’s a misconception. We are getting to a place in America where we are having to have difficult conversations. If you don’t have the hard conversations, if you don’t take the risks in speaking out, if you don’t utilize your courage there will come a day when you can’t speak out. Just look to Canada and their acts of fining people for their rhetoric with respect to LGBTQ+ and trans language. Regardless of your job, field, or community – you can make a difference. It doesn’t mean you need to have long debates either, just a question or a seed planting can make all the difference.

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Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
7 months ago

Had experience on worksite with Hollywood doing TV show on workplace BUT those Behind the Cameras were then for Bush Today for Trump
Those in front for Biden