In the past six weeks: $500 million of damage in Minneapolis.  High-end boutiques in NYC and LA like Gucci and Chanel, looted.  Big box retailers like Target and Macys, looted for tens of millions in losses.  Over 250 CVS pharmacies and over 350 Walgreens, looted in the last wave of riots alone.  The National Guard was deployed to twenty-one states amid the panic.  It’s chaos.  It’s interesting to note, however, that the chaos seems to be propagated by one political party, while the other is trying to be the agent of order.  Let’s look at some statistics.

As of the end of June of this year, the top twenty cities for crime were all helmed by the same political party – the Democrats, with the exception of two which are run by non-partisan mayors. (Link to article at conclusion of article.)  Trump mentioned this fact, but the real question is: why?  Why do Democrat-run cities have the most chaos? 

I propose to you that it comes down to the root issue of: absolute truth vs relative truth.

Absolute truth is the idea that there is a definitive line of right and wrong, no matter how inconvenient that line might be to you.  An apple is an apple, no matter how much you say it’s an onion.  Absolute truth.  If you’re born a man, your gender is male.  Absolute truth.   It’s wrong to break into someone’s business and steal from them.  Absolute truth.

Relative truth is the idea that the line of right and wrong is flexible depending on how you want to alter it.  I want that apple to be an onion, so it’s an onion.  Relative truth.  If you’re born a man, you’re actually any gender you feel like being.  Relative truth.  You can break into someone’s business and steal from them if you feel okay about it.  Relative truth.

Conservatives, generally-speaking, believe in absolute truth – which is why your liberal friends think you’re an old-fashioned fuddy-duddy.

Liberals, generally speaking, believe in relative truth.  This is where the idea of “living your truth” comes from, and it’s a very dangerous idea because it removes all moral obligations that are inconvenient for the way you want to live.  If the rules are inconvenient, you just break them.  If the truth creates moral conflict, you just change it to fit your lifestyle.  If you want to move to another country illegally, go ahead.   If you’re irresponsible sexually, an abortion is fine to take care of that.   Stealing from Gucci is okay because you happen to be really mad about the world. Rioting and destroying someone else’s property isn’t wrong, it’s just you living your truth.  Removing absolute truth creates chaos.

The problem becomes exponential if we all live “our truth” because everyone’s personal truth is different, so your lines of right and wrong will definitely cross someone else’s.   You’re okay stealing, but what if you’re the one being stolen from? You’re okay beating up a defenseless person, but someone else is okay killing that same defenseless person. With no absolute truth, it becomes anarchy.  But anarchy cannot be contained, and would surely even splash back onto those propagating it. Let’s look at some leftist celebrities who were cannibalized in cancel culture – the very culture they support.

Actress Scarlett Johansson was cancelled for accepting an acting role as a trans man.  JK Rowling (“Harry Potter” author) was cancelled over a misunderstanding about trans people.   Actress Alyssa Milano was cancelled over impersonating an Italian.  NY Times editor, and self-described “liberal centrist” Bari Weiss resigns over a hostile work environment, basically because she wasn’t liberal enough.  The chaos devours everyone, even Obama warned that it would become a “circular firing squad”, and that is exactly what it has become.   

What is the left’s answer to the chaos? Defund the police (the very agents of order.) Chaos trying to remove order cannot more perfectly be illustrated than by this very thing.

So what is the hidden reason that chaos has devoured the Democratic party? The absence of absolute truth.  No hard and fast lines of what is right and what is wrong.  Everything is relative to how you want to live.  Why have laws at all if you don’t follow them and don’t enforce them?  This is why the highest crime rate cities are run by Democrats, and why unless they change their fundamental beliefs about truth, those very beliefs create anarchy, and always will.  With no absolute truth, there is only chaos.

Paul Leach is a professional writer and WGA member in Los Angeles. He has been interviewed in such publications as the New York Council on Cultural Affairs and the Huffington Post.

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