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David Haisten
David Haisten
1 year ago

Hi Amanda, nice run down on the vax facts. I would like to make a correction, though, on something you said (and, almost everyone makes this mistake – it’s not about the vaccine but more historical). You mentioned Nazis. There was no Nazi party & no Nazi Germany. The term Nazi means basically, “Idiot” or backwards farmer in German and is considered an insult. There was, however, the left wing National SOCIALIST Workers Party under the leadership of Adolf Hitler who was a student of Baron Nathan Rothchild’s nephew, Karl Marx who was financed & helped by his uncle. (Rothschild was like the man behind the curtain, pulling the strings but staying out of sight). J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, & others were also among the proxies of Rothschild; e.g., when Morgan died, it was discovered that he only owned 17% of J.P. Morgan, 83% belonged to Rothschild. “NR” was a very astute business man and disliked by almost everyone including his family. About the only person who liked & got along with him was Cecil Rhodes (Rhodes Scholarship fame). NR’s goal was for his family to control the world; and, today, they own all but 3 central banks in the world.

I got a little sidetracked there; but, the point is there was no Nazi party, it was all Allied propaganda started when it looked like the Allies were going to win. A little trivia: JFK met Hitler before the war & called him a “great” man. JFK also said that Hitler was alive in southern Argentina when he was president. And, Hitler was backed by all the socialist and progressive parties in England & America prior to the war. He also said the reason that he signed the non-aggression pact with Stalin was that their systems of government were nearly identical. As you probably are aware of, socialism is the tool of the very rich & powerful to suppress & control the population.

Hitler was a German war hero. The holder of the Iron Cross (equivalent to the Medal of Honor); and, the “perfect” candidate for leadership of Germany.

P.S. If you are interested in knowing about Edward Bernays and what he did to America after the war, let me know.

3 days ago

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