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Via TTN:

45th President Trump used his years of business expertise to negotiate a deal so good that years later Boeing CEO David Calhoun still can’t believe it. Aircraft company Boeing said it lost $660 million in its deal with the former president to create the new Air Force One.

The Hill reports:

“You know, Air Force One, I’m just going to call a very unique moment, a very unique negotiation, a very unique set of risks that Boeing probably shouldn’t have taken,” Boeing CEO David Calhoun said during the call Wednesday, “but we are where we are, and we’re going to deliver great airplanes, and we’re going to recognize the costs associated with it.”

According to the company, the loss of money is “primarily driven by higher supplier costs, higher costs to finalize technical requirements and schedule delays.”

In July 2018, the White House announced that a $3.9 billion contract had been awarded to Boeing that would establish two new pieces of aircraft that would be used for the president by 2024 as Air Force One planes.

Amid negotiations, the price tag of the agreement dropped from $5.3 billion to $3.9 billion, and Trump said in July 2018 that the plane’s colors scheme would be red, white and blue instead of the typical light blue and white color scheme.

Do you miss Donald Trump yet?

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George Simonis
George Simonis
1 year ago

Seems to me that Liberals are acting a bit like spoiled children throwing tantrums. They want it all, or else they’ll throw a fit. Or Perhaps the coming election will give them a “time out” to examine their ways…I mean…open borders, runaway inflation, drugs flowing in and killing young people, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Russia, defunding police, and now calling freedom of speech unacceptable to democracy? Whoa… Someone had too much sugar today…