Via Amerian Action News:

Democrat Doug Jones narrowly won a special Senate election in dark red Alabama against a deeply flawed Republican challenger.

Unlike his liberal compatriots who’ve prevailed in conservative states, Jones hasn’t feigned interest in being a political chameleon.

His progressive voting record all but assures he’ll lose next year against almost any challenger.

This makes Jones’ revelation that he may vote to acquit Trump in the Senate all the more perplexing. (Daily Wire)

On Sunday, appearing on ABC News “This Week” with host Martha Raddatz, Senator Doug Jones (D-AL) conceded he might vote for acquittal if President Trump is tried in the Senate. Jones stated, “I’m trying to see if the dots get connected. If that is the case, then I think it’s a serious matter. I think it’s an impeachable matter. But if those dots aren’t connected and there are other explanations that I think are consistent with innocence, I will go that way too.”

The conversation began with Jones defending House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement that she would not forward the articles of impeachment from the House to the Senate until she could get concessions from Senate GOP leaders on securing witnesses in a trial. Jones said, “Well, I certainly don’t think it’s unfair for her to do that … I think what the speaker is doing is to say, what are the rules going to be when I send House managers over there? What kind of playing field are we going to have? What is the timing of this?”

Raddatz’s partisanship was on display when she covered up the alleged improper collusion and coordination between Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) and Acorn in 2008. Jim A. Kuypers noted in his book, “Partisan Journalism: A History of Media Bias in the United States,” “the activist approach taken by ABC’s Martha Raddatz in the October 11 vice-presidential debate and by CNN’s Candy Crowley in the October 16 town-hall debate, as both of those journalists repeatedly interrupted the Republican candidate and larded the discussion with a predominantly liberal agenda.”

Raddatz theorized the alleged crimes of Trump far superseded the crimes committed by former President Bill Clinton that triggered his impeachment, saying, “… this is very different than President Clinton’s impeachment. House Democrats have called the president a clear and present danger to this country and our upcoming elections. If he’s so dangerous, why are House Democrats suddenly slowing down?”

Is Jones finally showing an independent side, or is he merely trying to save his skin in a final act of desperation? Let us know your thoughts!

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