Via Trump Train News:

Supporters of President Trump are already lining up for his rally in Oklahoma that starts in two days.

According to Fox News:

More than two days before the president is set to take the stage in Oklahoma for his first rally since the coronavirus lockdowns, ardent Trump supporters are already lining up to camp outside the venue.

President Trump on Saturday night is scheduled to rally with supporters at BOK Center, a venue in Tulsa which can hold around 20,000 people.

Fox News spotted at least two dozen Trump supporters outside on Thursday morning.


Supporters have been seen lining the street since Monday.
FRONT OF THE LINE: A look outside the BOK Center in Tulsa, #Oklahoma where it will be first come first serve at @realDonaldTrump’s rally Sat.

20,000 people expected to pack the arena. Meanwhile, health officials urge the rally to be postponed w/ #COVID19 cases on the rise @kfor
— Peyton Yager (@peytonyager) June 16, 2020


We reported earlier this week that a liberal attempt to stop the rally was rejected by a judge.


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