Via TTN:

Stacey Abrams voting rights organization, Fair Fight, lashed out at The Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler after being awarded two “Pinocchios” after Abrams made misleading claims over a new voting bill. During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Abrams claimed the new law “eliminates hours of voting” which is untrue. The new law requires polling places at least operate from 9 am to 5 pm for early voting, eliminating the chance for them to have half days. Polling places may still open for extended hours.

Fox News reports:

“Yes, it codifies that you can vote between 9 to 5 as business hours, but for 78 percent of Georgians, prior to this bill, the hours for voting during early voting was 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.,”  Abrams told Sen. John Kennedy, R-La. “So this actually eliminates hours of voting and mandates only a shortened period of time.”

The Washington Post, therefore, concluded that Abrams’ language was “misleading” because she implied that voting is now restricted to the 8-hour work-day period.

“This is not accurate,” Fair Fight said on Twitter Wednesday. “Glenn Kessler continues to misstate provisions of SB202 and misinterpret its impact,” the group added, referencing the author of the Post’s report.

“Anyone familiar with the recent history of GA voter access issues knows these concerns are warranted,” the group wrote Wednesday, issuing more than 10 tweets contesting the report. “Many increasingly competitive counties that maintain GOP election boards consistently try to limit voter access, resulting in measurable and significant impact.”

Democrats have attempted to peddle misinformation and half-truths regarding recently passed voting integrity laws. President Biden was also fact-checked by the liberal Washington Post after making similar false claims to Stacey Abrams. Biden also called the newly passed voter I.D. law in Georgia “Jim Crow 2.0.”

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1 year ago

I heard the Post is getting rid of its fact-checking. It’s doesn’t take a Washington D.C. resident(or even a reader of the paper) to know(if the national press coverage means anything) it pains them to acknowledge Lefties are wrong about a lot of stuff, so to keep the fact checkers around is to acknowledge the Left is wrong and the Right is right.

Milos Leubner
Milos Leubner
11 months ago

democracy is when anybody can be a dictator – like here Stayco !!!