Today on your Hollywood minute, Amanda discusses the disaster that is Southwest. After being affected by the mess, Amanda discusses her Christmas vacation and the craziness that it was. While many are looking towards Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg for answers, Amanda says that he already knew about Southwest’s issues. She isn’t hopeful for his help, and you probably shouldn’t be either!

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Richard Hennessy
Richard Hennessy
30 days ago

Christmas wasn’t ruined by Southwest Airlines. It was ruined over many years by the Congress that refused to financially and otherwise support high speed rail service for travel over distances of less than 600 miles. Transportation is not improved by government regulation. It is improved by encouraging competition and greater efficiency in systems. Short flight air travel is inherently inefficient and costly and should give way to more efficient systems, like high-speed rail. By the time planes reach cruising altitude in short flights, it is nearly time to begin to lose altitude to land. The government’s role in improving transportation is to invest in transportation public works projects. The last major transportation public works project was the Interstate Highway System of the 1950s, and high-speed rail should have been the next major transportation system. The government failed, and the Christmas chaos was the result, a result that was predictable and coming for many years.

Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
29 days ago

SWA Reforms:

Update scheduling software
Be flexible
Hire New Blood
Make changes