An explosive device found in the mailbox at the New York estate of billionaire philanthropist and Democratic mega-donor George Soros prompted a swift response by police. (Fox News)

The Wall Street Journal, citing local law enforcement, reported that police received a phone call from the Bedford residence in Westchester County about a suspicious package.

An employee that works at the home found the package and opened it, revealing what appeared to be an explosive device, according to a press release from the Bedford Police Department. The employee then placed the package in a wooded area until authorities arrived.

The department told Fox News that a suspicious package was found in a mailbox. Police referred Fox News to the F.B.I’s New York office, which did not confirm the report.

Soros was not home at the time of the incident, according to the New York Times.

The bomb squad deactivated the explosive and law enforcement believes there is no further threat to the area.

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