Even at 88, George Soros remains as ambitious as ever. Now, the controversial figure has set his sights on America’s largest swing state. (Big League Politics)

Florida is a major battleground for President Donald Trump considering the Sunshine State’s importance to Trump’s re-election quest in 2020.

Democrats are making a full-court press to elect Andrew Gillum over Trump supporter Ron DeSantis, which would give Democrats the governorship when Trump comes up for reelection, and would give Democrats as many as four picks on the Florida Supreme Court, according to close observers.

But the dirtiest play they’re pulling in Florida is known as Amendment 4.

Amendment 4 is a ballot initiative to restore voting rights to felons in the state of Florida, similar to Terry McAuliffe’s ploy to give felons voting rights in Virginia. This would have a big impact on the 2020 election.

Polls have consistently shown Soros-backed Gillum with a lead over the Republican, DeSantis. However, the three most recent surveys indicate DeSantis is within the margin of error.

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